Annual Report

Accomplishments and milestones year to year from Hospice of Central PA.

A Message From Our CEO

I’m grateful to be able to share our Annual Report for 2020 with you. Like many, I am first and foremost grateful that 2020 is behind us and that our community’s situation has improved in terms of COVID-19. We, as an organization and team, were challenged in ways that we never could have imagined prior.

The leadership team and I were clear about our number one priority; the safety of our staff and those in our care! Given the difficulty accessing personal protective equipment in the early days of the pandemic, we established the COVID-19 Care Team. The staff members of this team were the only staff who interacted with COVID-19 positive patients. This allowed us to direct our limited supply of N95 masks and gowns to the area where it was most needed. Using a specialized team focused solely on these patients also helped our non-COVID-19 patients feel more comfortable about having our staff enter their home.

There were some positives that emerged from 2020. Similar to other organizations and individuals, we learned how to use Zoom. This was a bright spot for our organization throughout the pandemic. It helped us communicate among our teams in a more personal manner. This technology also helped us to interact with patients and families safely during the height of the pandemic. We were able to partner with some of our long-term care partners to admit patients via telehealth.

More than anything we are grateful for the support of our community through this difficult period. Please see page 4 for a list of the companies and organizations who provided financial support for our COVID Care Team. We’re grateful for your support each and every day! Your commitment and generosity helps to develop a community that embraces specialized care at the end of life with the same importance this is given at the beginning of life.


Gil Brown

President & Chief Executive Officer

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