Long Family

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer your whole world changes. Everything you do is a “new normal.” I remember feeling terrified when the doctor mentioned hospice care for my husband. In hindsight, I would say at least take the time to find out what your options are with hospice.

Like many others, my family’s experience with HCP began when regular medical treatment was no longer working. Dave went through chemotherapy for three and a half years. When he began having issues with pain management and other concerns we were referred to HCP for palliative care.

An initial visit in our home from Hospice of Central PA’s Medical Director, Dr. David Wenner resulted in a follow-up visit from the admission nurse who explained the admission process. We were given helpful literature and the opportunity to discuss any issues and concerns before making a decision. Dave chose to elect palliative care and was able to continue chemotherapy. When chemotherapy was no longer effective, HCP was there to help Dave with his end-of-life journey.

They were a godsend. Dr. David Wenner, the nurses, the aides and everyone we had contact with at HCP was our saving grace. The help from HCP allowed me to keep Dave at home where he wanted to be. No matter what we needed at any time of day or night, they were there.

When Dave’s journey ended, HCP was still there for our entire family. The support that is available from the bereavement department through support groups, one-on-one counseling and literature helped us learn more about our continuing journey through grief.

None of us would choose to go through this. I think death or the possibility is the hardest thing to accept. The next hardest is living without our loved one. Having gone through this with my husband, I would say that when hospice care is suggested please at least take the time to find out what help is available. Give your loved one the chance to make his/her decisions about how he/she will make their end-of-life journey. HCP will be there for your loved one and your family.

- Pat